The murder of George Floyd sent shock waves around the world to highlight the never ending trauma of police brutality and more importantly, racism across America and the rest of the world.


I’m thankful

Thankful for life, Thankful to life

I’m thankful for waking up each day

Acknowledging the one who woke me up

I’m thankful for life

The greatest teacher in the world


Thankful for the essence of time

Time used to think, discuss,

Time wasted

Time well spent

Time which taught me the value of life

Whilst life taught me to make good use of my time.

I’m thankful for those around me

Friends, haters,

Doubters, motivators

I’m thankful for them all

All those who believed in me or didn’t

Thankful for the good times, bad times

Sad times, past times

The pains, the gains,

The highs, the lows

I’m thankful for it all

Thankful for each moment where I thought I couldn’t – But I did

Did exactly what I set out to do and achieve

Be thankful to the creator

Creating and shaping

Moulding, making

Making it easier when each day proved difficult

The difficulty in understanding what you wanted from life

What you envisioned your life would be

Yet here you are

Thankful for being the best swimmer out of 14 million

The one who made it

All praise to God 

Just be Thankful.


Upside down, you await my arrival

9 months deep after a fought out battle

Yet here i am...

Longing to be in the presence of your arms

Longing to be surrounded by those waiting at the entrance

And you see mother, it's not long till you crown me King as i enter

And as i enter, the bright red clothing is stripped away away from me

And i lay there still

Yet still.. Still in your comforting arms

And i know i'm only a small child and barely able to see

Yet i see your elation at the mere sight of me

And i know i've put you through so much pain and so much agony

After a gruelling 8 hours

Yet all i hear is the Great merriment and jubilation

That consumes the hospital ward around me

Dear Mother, the first of four 

Yet no words to introudce myself

So I let out a boisterious cry from the depths of my lungs

And i guess that's my way of just saying thank you mother

Thank you for the lessons taught

Thank you for the lessons yet to learn mother

You see you named me Joseph 

And that means "may God add or increase"

And i yearn to add and increase your life in ways unimaginable mother 

I'm grateful 

Dear mother.. Thank you


You see i'm only beginning to understand what love truly is

Over the years, a formed misconception of love

Stopped me from conceiving that love is patient and kind

You see i've always been a praying man

So 1 Corinthians makes me to understand that

Love is not jealous or boastful or proud

Yet too proud to admit

That i could not distinguish the fact that

Yet too proud to admit I allowed myself to become infatuated 

I forgot love is not irritable and keeps no record of being wrong

Yet my infatuation taints my love record 0-1

Because you were the one that i wronged...

I guess your beauty was a facade

I saw what i wanted not what i needed

Blinded by infatuation, led astray by lust

I'm ashamed i was so conceited

Guilt consumes each bone in my body

For i have to take responsibility for the pain caused

Every tear shed, how could i do such a thing to somebody?

Love knows no boundaries

Knocking on my door

Was i supposed to let this stranger in?

I chose not to let you enter

You came back in your worst form

Be wary of what you consider love

Infatuation impairs the vison of men


I press the lift button

Awaiting the passage gates to become open

Hoping, the stench of urine doesn't poke in 

And as the passage gates close in 

I breathe in and visualise for a moment 

What the day might bring

As a matter of fact, i'm hoping what the day might not bring 

Bring in a new patient 

Stab wounds and broken

Dressed in blood and hopeless as his life is pau-


Paused for a brief moment 

But enough with the day dreams...

Because here in the hood i'm constantly reminded of the day screams

As it seems

You are lucky if you walk these streets and take that fresh air in without

Looking left or right 

Day or night 

I'm lucky if i see the next 24.

The day women took over

The day women took over

No longer do you have to look over your shoulder

Drunk in love, why must I stay sober?

Phenomenal woman were the words Angelou spoke

Not the woman used, abused and nothing more than a few strokes

Stroking away her luscious black hair

Wiping away her luscious black tears

She in-fact cannot fathom why men choose to objectify her,

defile her and deny her

She awaits the day her and women across should take over

Over my dead body she states

No more will a man be a part of my mistakes

Till this day I solemnly swear

For I am a woman who has taken over

Not over taken, mistaken or forsaken

Rather now unshaken and my thoughts awaken