G.R.I.T - 02/05/2020

They say the game of sport is 90% mental and 10% physical. Often at times, skill can only get us so far that will we require so much more in order to be successful. A lot of the times we believe IQ or intellect is all we need to advance in our chosen fields, but what happens when we are confronted with adversity? When trials and tribulations become almost inevitable, what do we do then?

You see in this world we live in; the mental game is just as pivotal as any other aspect and many times “smarts” is not what will propel and elevate us into success, rather we need to rely more on GRIT. You see in psychology, Grit is a positive, non-cognitive trait based on an individual's perseverance of effort combined with the passion for a particular long term goal or end state. I find that many in today’s day and age need to really find their passion and be passionate about something as there is a higher rate of them being successful solely because their passion tends to be a reflection of their love, commitment and dedication to what they have decided to invest in.

Out of this spring forth a certain resilience, hardiness and a need to achieve despite the obstacles and failures that may come their way because I believe Grit is a better predictor of success than intellectual talent or intelligence quotient. You need to understand that even the most gifted minds are unable to be productive without passion and inspiration and without these components, your effort levels decrease immensely. When you multiply talent by effort you get skill, but when you multiply skill by effort, you get achievement.

I want you to strive to be the grittiest person in what you do by first being passionate and then combining that with immense effort and dedication to your craft. When your passion kicks in, there is a greater sense of purpose in what you do simply because the grittiest people see their ultimate aims as deeply connected to the world beyond themselves.

TRANSITION - 02/04/2020


This period of time in our lives seems to be one for the history books. Right now, the world is coming together in solidarity, trying to battle something that seems to be causing havoc and destruction on a global scale. This has left many of us in a state of transition. From now working at home, to adopting a different routine we are usually accustomed to. Our lives are changing and the way we go about the things we do is now changing along with it, so it is important to understand this season of transition and how best to go through it all.

Simply put, “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” We need to understand that the way we handle transition is easily up to us and how we go about this season in a time of uncertainty and fear. You are in control of how you decide to transition in this new period, whether by making the most of your day and time or wallowing in depression and sadness because things may not be going your way during this time. We’re all aware of the transition the caterpillar goes through in order to become a butterfly. It is not pretty and often it requires patience and time. Before the end product, you must put in work and reinvent your mind in the way you make use of your time right now.

At the end of it all, we delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. I believe Transition and change are synonymous with one another and both are not easy and will often require you to step out of your comfort zone but in all, it is usually more beneficial and I hope you can begin to transition into something fruitful during this time.

GENEROSITY - 04/03/2020

Generosity. Simply defined as "the quality of being kind and generous". Originating from the Greek word "Generosus" which means "of noble birth". Synonymous to words such as giving, unselfish, open handed, pleteous and magnanimous. Why is this word of such importance to us as human beings?

I guess from as early as I can recall, it's been instilled in me as part of my moral compass to always be generous and show a readiness to always give more than is strictly necessary or expected. This teaching was pivotal for me growing up because it signified the value of treating others with love and care and promoted the value of "loving thy neighbour" as thyself. 

Being a Christian, every new month for me creates room for reflection as to how I acted in the previous month and what can be done going into the new one. The month of March is upon us, which caused me to reflect heavily on a passage in the bible from the book of Proverbs 11: 25 which states that "a generous person will be enriched and one who provides water for others will receive a flood in return". Simply put, "let he who waters be watered" which insinuates that there is power in generosity. 

As you read this, I want you to understand that it should be your duty to always strive to be generous when given the chance. Out of the kindess of your own heart, you are rewarded greatly because I am a firm believer in that whatever goes around will surely come back around. Do not be mistaken in showing generosity to boost your own ego and make it known that you are a "kind" person, but behind closed doors is where it matters most. When no one is watching, just how generous and giving can you be? How much love, kindness and gratitude can you show to your fellow human being?

Take heed of this and understand that life can be prolonged simply by being a generous person. You encourage the release of endorphins every time you do good for someone else, which can help you fight stress and is shown to improve one's immune system and acts as an antidote to pain. Literally without sounding extreme, an act of kindness can save your life!! 

It costs absolutely nothing whatsoever to be generous. So begin to understand this concept for the betterment of your own life and the life of others around you.


Who will cry when you die?
A question that transcends my mind into a pool of never ending thoughts and ideas. A question deep at the very core of why we are even on this earth in the first place and whether we truly are living to our purpose or rather yet, just floating around taking each day as it comes. 

February is often described as "the month of Love" and it causes me to ponder on those that are closest to me whether it be romantically or not. I want you to ask yourself "WHO WILL CRY WHEN I DIE?". A very blatant question simply trying to uncover how many lives you are touching whilst on this Earth and more importantly, if you are truly living according to the goals you set before you. Have you even considered what legacy you are creating that you can leave behind long after you're gone in the hopes that many can gather and mourn the fact that they lost someone truly great and inspirational in their lives?

A deep question isn't it? It's supposed to make you feel uneasy. This question challenges every mantra you live by because it causes you to self reflect on the impact your life will have on the generations to come. A question like this should cause you to examine every decision you made and will make up until you take your last breath to ensure you ACT in life rather than life acting on you...

I always stress on the importance of time and how it waits for no man, woman or child. Days become weeks, weeks become months and months become years and suddenly in the blink of an eye, you've lived a life half lived and it's all over.
I've learnt over the last month that death respects nobody whether rich or poor, famous or not, you never really know when the lights will go off. So I want you to go away, contemplating on this journey we call life and ask yourself "WHO WILL CRY WHEN I DIE?". Do not live a life being the person you could have been but never truly was, a life filled with regret and wanting a do-over.


DISTRACTIONS. - 10/01/2020

It's only right I start this by wishing you a Happy New year and more importantly, grab your attention to the first thought of the new year. With the new year already in progress, I’m sure many goals and targets are being set, or perhaps you're already thinking of milestones you want to reach before we conclude this year and call it a wrap. I began fashioning my new year with a scripture from the book of proverbs which said, "Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you".
[Proverbs 4:25].

This is just day 10 of 365 and it is very unlikely that distractions will not come your way. Your ability to overcome distractions will be the number one determinant of how successful your year will be and more importantly, help you along the way in discovering more about your purpose. One thing I am learning this year is that proactive habits create an environment to make the right choice easy in the sense that the more you develop useful habits and eliminate those that cause distractions, the easier it becomes to flee from these distractions when you find yourself there.

Do not allow anything to hinder you from achieving what it is you've set out to achieve this year just for momentary pleasures. It’s crucial you begin to understand that time really waits for no man and you could be susceptible to allowing people or things to hijack your day therefore leaving you distracted. An addiction to distraction is the end of your creative production and the beginning of a path of regret and a jar full of "I wish I had" which you can easily avoid.


I've been away for a while now and it's only right I send a little motivation your way as the new month of October is upon us. Being the massive hip-hop fan that I am, a lot of lyrics stick with me when I hear them and  more importantly some lyrics evoke a certain thought pattern that never seems to leave my head and has essentially taught me a valuable lesson that I needed to know.

"My momma told me never throw a stone and hide your hand" is a famous lyric from a favourite rapper of mine by the name Jay Electronica. This particular lyric immediately speaks so much truth every time I hear it over and over again. This idiom touches on the idea of being responsible for our actions in life, not being cowardly in the face of adversity but rather being able to own up to our mistakes despite the amount of pride we have as human beings. Many of us find it difficult to admit when we have gone wrong and this trait can be detrimental to a lot of us. We often choose to not take the mature approach when deciding to take responsibility for our wrong doings.

The minute you begin to realise that the price you pay for greatness is responsibility, the easier it becomes to develop a mindset that taking ownership when you make mistakes is only going to enrich you. This is because in this life, there are no mistakes in life, only lessons. There is no such thing as a negative experience, only opportunities to grow, learn and advance along the road of self-mastery.

We need to understand that from struggle comes strength, even pain can be a wonderful teacher at times. Perhaps this is the reason we tend to avoid taking ownership because of the pain or misery that may come from the mistakes made. I'll leave you with the quote that says, "Ninety-nine percent of all failures come from people who make excuses". As the year is steadily coming to an end, begin to take accountability for your actions and see how it differs from previous times where you chose to hide your hand after throwing the stone.

SUCC£S$ - 08/02/2019


 For a while I’ve battled with my understanding of the word Success. In this generation of millennials, we constantly strive to obtain success and every action and decision we take is a result of the envisioned success we long for. I guess it has been ingrained that a successful life is a prosperous one and those who do not achieve success often have "failed" in this race we call life.

However, take a moment to truly question yourself on what you define as "Success" because this very word holds a subjective and personalized view which varies from individual to individual. Some view success from a material and financial standpoint, without the mere essence of money they cannot consider themselves a success because to them, financial prosperity makes them feel fulfilled and successful.

There are others who see success as happiness and the state of reaching whatever goal he or she desires even though it may not lead to an increase in wealth but at least they feel a sense of accomplishment as they were able to finally get what they longed for all this while. I don't necessarily believe there is a right or wrong answer to the way we define success as people come from different backgrounds which has shaped their level of understanding when discussing this topic. I just encourage all to aim for success in what i have learned is the 7 departments of our lives. 

1. Body

2. Soul 

3. Family

4. Career 

5. Finance

6. Marriage/relationships

7. Community 

WHO ARE YOU? - 19/01/2019

As I sit here writing this, I want to pose this question to you which I feel is paramount in our daily journey in this thing we call life. Who are you? No seriously, take a brief moment to assess yourself and ponder upon this question at hand as I ask again who are you? If I attach a psychological lens to this question, it really just comes under the one word which I’m sure you're familiar with... "IDENTITY".

Identity is the qualities, beliefs, personality, looks and/or expressions that make a person and more importantly in today's society, we are concerned with how these qualities, beliefs and personality traits are conveyed towards other people in our society. Whether it be friends, work colleagues, or just random strangers we meet on an everyday basis, our identity shapes and defines us, creating a picture that we as photographers of life have taken and choose to share with the world. When I think of identity, the first thought that strikes me is names. For example, when meeting someone new, the customary routine begins with "hi my name is-" but do you ever think about the meaning of your name? Why that name was given to you or the story or factor that led to that name being passed down to you? That alone in itself portrays your identity and who you are. Your name alone bears the essence of your life itself, the only thing people have to judge you by in those couple of seconds before truly getting to know you.

Okay where am I going with this? Well simply put, many in today's generation are creating a facade by choosing to construct an identity that is not befitting to their true selves. Understand who you really are for the betterment of your self-esteem without the constant fear of being targeted for not being more like those who you see and are surrounded by. Being yourself costs nothing at all because nowadays people do anything and everything to become noticed and inclusion is one hell of a drug you shouldn't be taking.